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Malicious software may be defined as a harmful application or file specially designed to gain the access to your computer or your online active accounts and Facebook is one of them. For help related to the same issues, Dial +1-855-777-5686 Facebook support number for best instant solutions. If your device or account is infected, those malicious software can collect information from you and make some unwanted actions which seems like you have performed them. It’s highly recommended to scan your device on daily basis for a better and safe browsing experience.

Signs of Malicious software:

Malicious software is the one that infects your computer or mobile device including your browser as well. The signs of a Malicious software are-

On Facebook:

·         Suddenly your account starts posting

·         Sending unwanted messages

·         Some suspicious log in your locations are started appearing

·         Started to see messages in your Inbox that are not concerned with you

·         Strange posts are started appearing on your Timeline

On your Device:

·         Applications starts running slower

·         Tasks will take longer time than usual

·         Noticing new apps that are not installed by you

·         Starts observing pop-ups and other Ads without opening a new Browser

On Web Browser:

·         Starts observing that your Homepage has changed that are not remembered by you

·         Starts observing strange Ads and not remembered you saw them

To protect your Account from Malicious software:

1.       Scan your device regularly with a trusted Antivirus

2.       Clean your Web Browser on a daily basis by removing your History

3.       Update your Browser for a better experience

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